Gospel Meetings

Gospel Meeting

       Recently we had our fall Gospel meeting. Admittedly, it was physically more taxing than a normal week. The kids were a bit grumpier in the mornings, it was harder to get out of bed and get the day started, and there were a few house chores that were left for later. But for all of that, the benefits far outweighed those few discomforts. Here are at least five reasons the meeting was priceless (and such type church meetings).

       (1) It is was an opportunity to invite a guest to hear the Gospel message. Sometimes a person simply doesn’t know how to bring up the subject of Jesus to a friend or relative. But a special meeting provides that perfect avenue. And how wonderful it is when they come and you get to share the evening with them doing something you love and that we all desperately need, hearing a Bible message.

       (2) It is was opportunity to be with and encourage the church family every night for one whole week. Being with the church family ought to bring us great joy! These are folks who have the same goals in mind as I do, who have the same Lord and Savior as I do, worship and serve the same God as I do, and want to be in eternity with me. That makes me feel better and then allows me the chance to help make them feel better!

       (3) It is was an opportunity to have our own spiritual cup filled up and even overflowing. This life with all its cares and struggles can wear you down. But a Gospel meeting provides a wonderful chance to fill yourself with spiritual goodness and wholesomeness. It’s a chance to combat the daily grind and focus our attention on the things that are above (Colossians 3:1-2) and feast spiritually every day.

       (4) It is was an opportunity to escape the troubles of the world and be in a godly atmosphere for a short time. The world is a harsh place filled with hate, violence, and all manner of evil. But within the assembly of the saints the Christian can be away from all that and be surrounded by love, and joy, and peace, and happiness. Thus, providing a sometimes much-needed reprieve from the world.

       (5) It is was an opportunity to be spiritually challenged and thus to grow spiritually, reaching for even higher growth. We had a brilliant lesson on grace, and maybe I realize I have not been giving grace as I should, but set my mind to do so from then on. Or maybe the preacher presents a sermon about using our talents, and I recognize that I have not tried to do anything new/different in a long time. So I determine to lead a song at the singing night or teach one of the teen classes. And the meeting was just the thing to get me jumpstarted and motivated.

       These opportunities do not come along that often, and we should take advantage of them when we can. There is much to be gained and much to be missed.