The Biblical Perspective on Idolatry 2

Series: Worship

Worship 6

The Biblical Perspective on Idolatry 2

Psa. 115:4-8




1.  The Bible describes idols as feeble and ridiculous imitations of the real God.

2.  Rachael sat on her household idols.  The golden calf was ground into powder and the people drank it. Gideon tore down the images of Baal and Asherah.  The Philistine god Dagon fell before the ark of God.  And although the prophets of Baal cut themselves in their frenzied worship and prayed all day nothing happened.

3.  As Israel became more and more engrossed in their idolatry before going into captivity the prophets spoke powerfully to contrast God with idols.

4.  It is our purpose in this study to read some of these texts that reflect the nature of God in contrast to the idols.




I.  Isa. 40.


    A.  God brings comfort to Jerusalem.  He reveals Himself as a God that is coming to His

          people.  He is like a shepherd tending His flock, gathering the lambs in His arms and

          carrying them in His bosom and gently leading the nursing ewes (1-11).

   B.  His greatness is illustrated in verses 12-17.

         1.  He measures the waters, marks off the heavens with His hand, calculates the dust,

               weighs the mountains.

         2.  His understanding is beyond us.

         3.  The nations are like a drop from a bucket.

   C.  Nothing is comparable (18).

   D.  Contra the idols (19-20).

   E.  God’s further description (21-26).

   F.  Do not think that your way is hidden from the Lord.  He has not abandoned you.  Wait for it

        (27-31).  It is a call to faith!


II.  Isa. 41.


III.  Isa. 44:9-20.


IV.  Jer. 10.


V.  Jer. 14:13ff.  The threat of Babylon looms and the prophets prophesy falsely.


VI.  Jer. 23:9-40.  False prophets continue to lead the people astray.


VII.  Ezek. 6.


VIII.  Ezek. 13.


IX.  Ezek. 14.




1.  The God of heaven is an awesome God.

2.  The idols of men are nothing.

3.  The God of heaven communicates, and appropriate worship is founded upon His communication.

4.  Listening to false prophets results in condemnation (Ezek. 13:17-23a).

5.  But God will deliver His people (Ezek. 13:23b), for He is a gracious God calling people to repentance, coming to them and comforting them as their Great Shepherd.


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