The Lord

The Lord

No description “About Us” would be adequate without a comment about our Lord. There can be no understanding of us without Him. Before our encounter with Him we were like so many other people in the world. We were trying to find satisfaction, happiness and purpose in life. We were attempting this by pursing things that brought us only temporary pleasure.

Like those in 1 Peter 4:3, Titus 3:3 and 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 we acted foolishly. Some of us were fornicators, adulterers, covetous, drunkards, and drug abusers. Some may have behaved a little better, but we too were disobedient, envious, angry, hateful, and malicious. Others of us were relatively good morally, but we spent our lives pursuing wealth and pleasure, just trying to get ahead and have a more comfortable life.

But then we learned about the Lord. We discovered that He loved us even though we were ungodly (Romans 5:6), even though we were sinners (Romans 5:8), and even though we were His enemies (Romans 5:10). We learned that He died for us, even though we were unworthy.

Thankfulness arose in our hearts. It was as though we were drawn to Him. How could someone give His life for those who had ignored Him, refused Him and actually been His enemies? It was incomprehensible. But we were moved by it in a radical way. So much so, that we began to change our thinking so that it became more like His (Romans 12:2). Our purpose for living changed and we gave our lives to Him and His purpose.

It seems incredible, even naive, but this is what happened. We were transformed and continue to be transformed by His expression of grace. We continue to struggle. We sin from time to time, but this is not our way of life any more. As one person put it, “We have been taken out of the sinning business.” Our purpose now is to share the graciousness of God with others that they might come to know and enjoy the same changes that we have experienced.